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Title 5G technology set to bring drastic changes to S. Korea's manufacturing landscape 2019-07-24 15:15:24
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This is how work is being done at one of SK Telecom’s new smart factories.
The Korean tech giant said, the entire production process at the facility is run by 5G technology.
For instance, there is no human input at all in these assembly lines churning out auto parts.

The manufacturing process is monitored by cameras, that take dozens of photos at a time, to scan for defects while the products are being assembled.
If workers want to take an extra look at the products for better quality control, they can use VR scanners to thoroughly skim through the components and the production equipment in real time.

“It adds more flexibility to the work. We also try to improve productivity of our manufacturing system by analyzing data collected through the technology.”

The use of 5G technology isn’t just limited to ICT sectors, as it is currently being applied to robots that will be used in the shipbuilding industry.
The system developer KT says, once commercialized, the bots will be deployed at their factories and to their docks to monitor an array of operations.

“The focus of the system is how well the manufacturing system and ICT harmonize in the mix. We see this as a chance to bring vital changes to Korea’s manufacturing landscape.

Industry experts say 5G-based manufacturing could add more than 12.9 billion US dollars to South Korea’s economy by 2030 and that more firms are now developing their own smart factory systems.

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